Lewis Hamilton

We are all very proud at Zeus Engineering of the dedication shown by our current Apprentice, Cfn Lewis Hamilton on his journey towards life as an Army Reserve Soldier.

Lewis attended a 3 week combined basic training course at the Army Training Unit, Edinburgh, which he successfully completed on Sunday 26 July 2020.

A fast paced course which is both physically and mentally demanding with many objectives including:

Weapon training

Loaded marches

Physical development


Including: an overnight exercise – embracing: intro to night training, constructing a shelter, cooking in the field, personal hygiene, maintaining weapons, clothing and specialist equipment, personal camouflage, concealment, working as a team, leadership skills and much more!

A great commitment to our country – we are so proud to have this fine young man as part of our team.

CONGRATULATIONS Lewis! Fantastic achievement and good luck with your phase 2 training from all the team at the AGZ Group!




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